Areas of Expertise

Digital Transformation

Cloud, hybrid, and on-premise applications designed to automate your business processes

ICB Digital team incorporates vision, talent and great technology expertise developed working with the market leaders on their digital transformation projects. Our software solutions facilitate not only improved productivity and performance but also empowers new business lines development based on digital technology. Our main focus is to incorporate best-of-class technology and domain know-how in order to deliver value-added solutions for the customer. Our development approach starts with deep understanding of customer business goals, processes and environment which then transforms into tailored to the specific business needs IT project. We aim at minimizing the investment in IT by utilizing the existing legacy applications and implementing newest technologies available on top. Our core competency is to architect, design, develop, and deploy Industrial Internet of Things software solutions based on the Microsoft technology stack and Azure IoT Suite. We build supporting capabilities in operational intelligence (OI) solutions and time-series infrastructures such as OSIsoft PI System and Influx DB.

Industrial Internet of Things

Software solutions for asset monitoring and preventive maintenance for your machines and equipment

In order to receive real time information for production status and machine performance, ICB Digital delivers a scalable IoT platform that collects data form different machine tools and sensor devices and provides powerful visualization and analytics on top of that information. Whether your goal is to reduce operational cost, decrease waste production or meet customer deliveriesour integrated industrial IoT platform could help you implement your digital strategy in a smooth and cost-effective manner. Based on already existing legacy software in the company, we could help you implement your smart factory solution that connects the shop floor with your enterprise management application layer. This way, you will be able to monitor the execution of the production planning in real time, having the ability to take well informed management decisions. Our Industrial IoT platform utilizes Microsoft Azure IoT suite in order to provide best-value-for-money solution which is reliable and could scaled depending on the business needs 

Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Looking into business and operational data to uncover new patterns and draw new insights

In ICB Digital we have a team of data scientist and data analysts that could help you analyze your Big data set and extract meaningful information form what is already existing in your software systems. Our great technology expertise and domain knowledge in industries like manufacturing, fintech and retail could help you build your data models and analytics in order to empower informed management decisions. Building predictive models, consumer behavior analyses or trends and alarms statistics we could help you utilize the available data in order to perform better and gain competitive advantage in turbulent market times.

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